Postdoctoral researcher
Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Faculty of Engineering Technology
KU Leuven

Articles in internationally reviewed academic journals (IT)

  1. [6] Cuppens K., Karsmakers P., Van de Vel A., Bonroy B., Milosevic M., Luca S., Croonenborghs T., Ceulemans B.,  Lagae L., Van Huffel S. and Vanrumste B. Accelerometer based home monitoring for detection of nocturnal hypermotor seizures based on novelty detection, Transactions on Information Technology in BioMedicine, In Press.

  2. [5] Luca S., Karsmakers P., Cuppens K., Croonenborghs T., Van de Vel A., Ceulemans B., Lagae L., Van Huffel S. and Vanrumste B., Detecting rare movement events using extreme value statistics applied to epileptic convulsion in children, In Press. [PDF]

  3. [4] Luca S., Verdyck M. and Coppens M., Using drop out rates to measure the performance of educational institutions, In Press. [PDF]

  4. [3] Caubergh M., Dumortier F. and  Luca S. Cyclicity of unbounded semi-hyperbolic 2-saddle cycles in polynomial Liénard equations, Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems, Vol.27, nr.3, 963-980, 2010. [PDF]

  5. [2] Luca S., Dumortier F. Limit periodic sets in polynomial Liénard equations, Qualitative Theory of Dynamical systems, Vol.7, nr.2, 339-366, 2009. [PDF]

  6. [1] Luca S., Dumortier F., Caubergh M. and Roussarie R. Detecting alien limit cycles near a Hamiltonian 2-saddle cycle, Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems, Vol.25, nr.4, 1081-1108, 2009. [PDF]

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