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"Education, to be successful, must not only inform but inspire."
(T. Sharpe r Knowlson)


Britain rocks! Don't know where to go? Visit Britain!
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In January 2000 this website was born. Since then a lot of items have been added, a lot of interesting sites have disappeared. I hope you will appreciate the extra time and energy to update and improve this website. Any ideas are always welcome! Don't forgot to sign our guestbook.
The English Corner
Grammar / Vocabulary / PHONETICS

Practice makes perfect!!!

Here you can find all sorts of English grammar and vocabulary exercises. Some of them should be prepared first (e.g. study English Vocabulary in Use / study theory in your Grammar Course / ...) and then you can test yourself by doing these exercises. You can do them at your own speed, print them out if necessary, do them again and try to reach the 100% score!!!

The English Corner

The English Corner
Teaching Aids

The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery

Next to some more "philosophical" ideas about teaching  -  all sorts of practical tips and links to improve your teaching (a.o. The Puzzlemaker) can be found here. Find the right challenge for the right situation. The Internet can help you here!
You can register now to get e-lessons (either monthly or weekly) for free!! and discover amazing online exercises. But of course you should always be CRITICAL!!

The English Corner

The English Corner

Read in order to live (Gustave Flaubert)

Here you can find the recent list of novels, plays, ... that can be chosen for your "Homereaders" (two each year) and assignments given in class.

The English Corner
The English Corner

A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.  (Author Unknown)

Furthermore you can find lots of interesting and useful links under the following headings: language - media (newspapers and magazines, audiovisual media, encyclopaedia), literature - culture - meeting "sites" for pupils - meeting "sites" for teachers.

It is up to you to discover them all and find valuable information and really up-to-date teaching aids.

The English Corner

The English Corner

Wisdom begins in Wonder (Socrates)

Here you can find a selection of interesting culture websites that can be used as background information for your own lessons in secondary school or to expand your horizons and enlarge your knowledge about the British Isles, America, Ireland, ...

The English Corner

Let's hope this website is "use-fun" to you!

The English Corner


The English Corner

Jen Van Loock
English teacher at KHK teacher training college Vorselaar, Belgium.